Welcome to the website of Balthazars Karaffel. We are happy to see you!

Our debut album ”clockwise” is out july 2nd!

Please join the party when we invite you to our release concert July 9th, 20.00 pm, Fair Bar, Aarhus. You don’t wanna miss that one!

In Balthazars Karaffel We Go Clockwise

We release the single ”Clockwise” June 25th and the complete album July 2nd! Available on CD, VINYL, DOWNLOAD AND STREAM. Go to the shop in the menu and get your copy!

Hey wait a minute!? Do you want to meet the band? 🙂

Morten Haugshøj


Danish guitarist and composer with an established career on the Danish jazz scene, both with his own projects and as a sideman – e.g. Sam and the Soulmates, Sham Time, Dexterity, Balthazars Karaffel – and not least as bandleader in Morten Haugshøj Group/Morten Haugshøj Kvartet, which has released a total of four critically acclaimed albums – in particular The Street Doctor and MH Group.


Søren Bech

Hammond B3 Organ

Danish organ player and composer who in some ways could be described as a two-in-one ‘Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde-character’ on the instrument, as Søren plays the church organ in the daytime and the Hammond B3 at night in various different musical (mainly jazz) constellations, which includes Balthazars Karaffel.


Andreas Skamby


Danish drummer and composer. Besides playing drums in Balthazars Karaffel, Andreas is deeply involved in a lot of different bands in various genres, including Fauna Fem, I Think You’re Awesome and Alex Jønsson Trio, and always with the most excellent musicians.

Do you want a sip of Balthazar’s Carafe?

You need to have your live taste of Balthazars Karaffel! How could you not!? 🙂  Please check out the calendar for upcoming shows! AND PLEASE DON’T MISS OUT ON OUR RELEASE CONCERT JULY 9th, 20.00 pm at FAIR BAR, AARHUS.

See the full calendar here

Hold ud!

Vi arbejder på højtryk med at fylde kalenderen op med en masse nye koncerter!